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The Upper Canada Metis Family


IF YOU SEE HARPER: Don't Hesitate!

Our Mission is to Represent Metis and non status First Nation in Ontario.

November 16 is the day that we remember Louis Riel.

June 21st is Aboriginal Day in Canada

We claim all hunting fishing gathering areas from the area now known as Orillia

through the lakes and rivers to the Red River in Manitoba. 1820 - 1850 into the 1960's

this area was open for our activities and now fences and laws keep us out.


Metis ! I call upon you as well to stand. United we are many, we are all brothers and sisters and we will stand strong again. At one time they seperated us to steal the land and defeat us from within. The chains are broken now. We are a proud nation, with many legends and a lot of history that goes back before they came. It is time to bring the legends back to our nation once again. June 23-25, be ready. Two Bears Standing (Deux-Ours debout) Dave Cada (Odeka)

JUNE 4, 2009 OTTAWA –MPs cheered today after a motion from New Democrat Jean Crowder (Nanaimo-Cowichan) received unanimous consent declaring June as National Aboriginal History Month. “We need to recognize the enormous contribution that First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples have made to Canada. Declaring June National Aboriginal History Month is one small step,” said Crowder. Two provinces, Saskatchewan and Alberta, already celebrate June as Aboriginal History Month. “I first introduced a motion on Aboriginal History Month two years ago,” said Crowder. “The Regina Aboriginal Professionals Association got the ball rolling by convincing the Saskatchewan government to recognize the month. This will be the third year it is celebrated there. “Many communities already celebrate National Aboriginal Day on June 21st,” said Crowder. “Now I hope they plan more events to celebrate the history of Aboriginal peoples in their area and across Canada.”

The Ontario Metis Aboriginal Association (OMAA) disappeared leaving many Metis in Ontario disenfranchised again. The Federal Government through the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples attacked OMAA with a "fiscal fatal blow". They claimed that OMAA had misspent the Federal funds by supporting the R. V. Powley Case. The OMAA did win the case at the Appeals Court of Ontario and the Supreme Court of Canada.

LOUIS RIEL DAY is November 16.

GREAT NEWS July 10, 2009

OMAA is back!!!!!

However due to baseless accusations and political agendas, the coporation was targeted by the government and relentlessly audited and investigated. After years of investigation, the RCMP recently concluded that no wrong-doing was found, but regrettably the damage was already done. Funding to the corporation was cut during the investigations and the corporation fell into recievership.


Log into and support OMAA

The Upper Canada Metis Family is a new group without any funding.

The Upper Canada Metis Family recognizes that you do not need an official card to be a Metis. Our family and connections to our heritage make us Metis.

For over a Hundred Years, we have maintained the roots of our heritage.

It is the Government of Canada that implimentented laws with terms like: half-breed.

The Aboriginal Portal of the Government of Canada Continues to ignore the Metis of Ontario. Current Organizations do not and can not represent all our concerns.

Former Chief Brazeau sold out his "Spirit" to Harper and Company to become a Canadian Senator!!

He refuses to respond to UCMF Correspondence!

With a growing membership, we will put the Federal and Provincial Governments on notice that the Metis in Ontario will not go underground for another 100 years.

Here is William Henry Jackson also known as Honore Jaxon in 1951 sitting evicted with all the Metis Papers in New York City. Honore Jackson was Louis Riel's Secretary leading into the Battle of Batoche and during the infamous trial. Metis a Cree word (not French). From 1885 until 1990's Metis in Canada went underground!

Our Grandparents and Great Grandparents hunted this land from Southern Ontario through to Three Rivers and Batoche. The Upper Canada Metis Family also recognizes our past. Below is the photo from 1885 of our Family bound by the queen's restraints. Note the clothing. (no saches here)

The Upper Canada Metis Family also recognizes the Flag from Batoche as part of our Hertiage and the Fight for our existence!

Metis Nation and Ontario Coalition of Aboriginal People may or may not issue you a Card to identify yourself as Metis. The Truth is that they represent "vested interests" and only you can self identify. We know that our Parents and Grandparents told us the stories of our heritage and the discrimination that Canadians would show if we told them. Section 35 of Canada's Constitution Act of 1982 gave us confidence to admit our past. The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples has a web site with a Blog. The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples is the same group that lead to the failure of the Ontario Metis Aboriginal Association. We should be unified but we are doing what the Federal Government of Canada wants and that is to divide us!


The Jesuits claimed: "Not a cape was turned, not a river entered, but a Jesuit led the Way"

The People said: The Jesuits (black robes) are damnable liers (liars). Even the most amateur of historian knows the actual explorers of New France (Canada and the American West) were without question the Coureurs de Bois and Metis. The First People had little desire to explore America: They however led the way for the Coureurs de bois and Metis They were fully aware of the four seas to the north/south, east/west, they believed their own location was the best.

Metis Bill of Rights Link. Note that this Bill is similiar to our Charter of Rights Metis Bill of Rights

The Systemic Prejudice within Canada for her Aboriginal Peoples is still apparent no matter how many times the Prime Minister tries to apologize. Read the Story of a Metis Hunter (Blais), hunting on Crown Land in Manitoba with his Full Status "brother". Blais was charge for illegally hunting and the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the Case.

Check it out on this link: <"Blais Case"> Even today the Government of Canada in charge of Metis Affairs ignores us. The Aboriginal People of Canada are still subject to abuse. Check out Hidden from History.


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The Government of Canada does not play fair with Canada's Metis People. It maybe time to reload!

Above is a Canadian Post Card from Batouche noting the anniversary in April 1885.